Tuition Structure for 2019-2020 School Year

Kindergarten - Grade 3 Grades 4 - 9
$12,000 $22,000

Payment Options:
Option 1 - Balance of tuition due July 1

Option 2 - Three tuition payments. Payments are made in three equal installments due in July, November and February.

Option 3 - Monthly tuition payments. To help manage educational expenses, Mooreland is also pleased to offer a payment plan that allows you to spread educational expenses over the course of the school year through monthly installments. To learn more about payment plans, please contact our Business Office at (860)223-6428.

Financial Aid

Mooreland Hill School provides need-based financial aid to assist families with tuition costs. We follow the guidelines of the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid to determine financial aid need. These guidelines take into account current family income, and other family liabilities and assets. Grants are made for one year but may be renewed upon evidence of continuing need. Application for aid must be filed by March 31 for consideration in first-round review. For families applying after March 31, financial aid will be considered for qualifying candidates on a rolling basis, to the extent possible. All financial aid information is confidential.

Financial Aid Application Process

  • Go to the NAIS website at to apply online for financial aid.

  • When completing the Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS) apply include the Mooreland Hill School code 5176. Keep a copy of the completed PFS for your own records.

  • Where tax information is needed, use the numbers from your prior year’s tax forms.

  • You will be given instructions for submitting backup documents directly to SSS. At Mooreland Hill, we require your W-2 and 1040 with all schedules.

  • Notification of financial aid awards will be made in early April provided that all financial information has been received and in the case of new students, the admission process has been completed.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is applied for families with more than one child enrolled at Mooreland Hill School.  Please ask about our family-friendly, sibling discount program.