School Overview

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Why Mooreland Hill?

  • We are "Small by Design" – everyone knows your child’s name and students will get more personal attention in the classroom

  • We focus on learning by doing in all grades - teachers encourage students to experience, share, process, infer, and apply their learning

  • Our school is community centered - our older and younger students interact on a daily basis building social skills and self-confidence

Educational Philosophy

The disciplines of English, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language make up the core academic program. The course of study is enhanced by comprehensive offerings in art, music, theater, and a challenging athletic program. Within the academic and athletic context, students practice fundamental learning processes in an atmosphere that encourages active and independent learning while they become creative and critical thinkers.


Central to the mission is the conviction that each child is encouraged to develop a realistic sense of self, a respect for others and the environment, a high moral character, and a strong feeling for family and community.  Mooreland Hill teachers work closely with students in academics and athletics, as well as provide guidance for sound decision-making skills. The faculty encourages students to challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort level in a supportive environment. Integral to this approach is a close partnership with the home fostered through timely communication.

We know that Mooreland Hill graduates leave with a sense of pride in their accomplishments; passion for their interests; confidence in their ability to be life-long learners; an understanding of their responsibility to the greater world community; and confidence in their preparation to accept the challenges of the future.


  • To attract STUDENTS whose interests, aptitude, and character will enable them to undertake the Mooreland Hill program with enthusiasm and success.

  • To recruit and maintain FACULTY who themselves are committed to high standards of academic and personal excellence; who respect and care deeply about young people; who have the energy, initiative, and imagination to keep learning about their disciplines and the process of education.

  • To offer a PROGRAM OF STUDIES which will provide all students with a strong academic background in the traditional disciplines of English, math, science, history, foreign language, and an introduction to the arts, so that students will come to value discipline, imagination, order, and discovery.

  • To provide our students with ACADEMIC AND SOCIAL STANDARDS and expectations that challenge them to give their best in an accepting and compassionate setting which encourages each person to be an individual.

  • To nourish a CLOSE-KNIT SCHOOL COMMUNITY—a community that is marked by shared enthusiasm for living and learning expressed through caring, respect, and courtesy that results in a happy and purposeful environment for all.

At a Glance

Founded in 1930, Mooreland Hill School is a coeducational, independent day school for Kindergarten through 9th grade. The School is located in Kensington, Connecticut, approximately twenty minutes from downtown Hartford and thirty minutes from New Haven — close to I-91, I-84, and Route 9.  The School is small by design — we believe that our tight-knit community offers great advantages for students in elementary and middle grades.



Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Educational Records Bureau (ERB), Secondary School Admission Test Bureau (SSATB), and the National Business Officers Association (NBOA)

Statement of Diversity

Mooreland Hill School is a coeducational independent school. The school does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or any protected class in the administration of its admissions, access to financial aid, educational programs, hiring practices, or school activities.