Outdoor Education

Our philosophy states that central to the school’s mission “is the conviction that each child be helped to develop a realistic sense of worth, a respect for others, high moral character, and a strong feeling for family and community.” An outdoor education program provides opportunities for personal growth in support of the mission of the school beyond the traditional confines of the classroom. Mooreland Hill’s hands-on education program allows students to articulate and strengthen for themselves qualities of character, responsibilities of citizenship, ideals of philosophical and practical leadership, notions of responsible stewardship of the environment, and sound decision-making skills.

While all activities presented are challenge by choice, we encourage students to extend beyond their personal comfort levels in a supportive and safe environment. Mooreland Hill works with professionals to oversee the technical aspects of each trip while Mooreland Hill faculty and parents accompany the students to ensure that the mission and objectives of the school are kept in mind at all times.