2018 Mooreland Hill School Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation.  It is also time to take a break from studying, classes, and homework.  It is definitely not a time to take a break from reading though. Our goal at Mooreland is for our students to learn to LOVE reading, not to look at it as a chore.  In order to accomplish this, all they have to do is read.  Read as much as they want and as much as they can. Read books. Read magazines. Read the sports page. Read comics. Read directions. Read the back of cereal boxes.  It doesn’t matter what you read…..just read. Aside from reading being a key factor in the success of our children in school and after, there are several other beneficial reasons to read.

For part one of the summer reading challenge, we ask everyone (faculty and students alike) to read  The Wish Tree by Katherine Applegate.  Part two will be free reads. We are asking every student to read a minimum of 4 books of their choice and to record them on the attached recording sheet. We will be celebrating with a Make Your Own Sundae Party in September for all those that meet that challenge. We are also attaching some websites and books you can check out for book selection ideas.  We encourage you to check out your local libraries also. They have multiple ideas and programs that revolve around summer reading.

Have a happy vacation.  We would love to have you send us some pictures of you reading in various and unique places this summer.  Also, if you happen to read a good book, please send us the title and author so we can share. Reading Rocks!