6th-8th Grade Camping Trip!

What a phenomenal trip! We had SO MUCH FUN! If you have 6th-8th grade children make sure you ask them all about the trip. Every part was great from the accommodations to the food, activities, and counselors. No one wanted to leave! If you would like to see pictures and videos from the trip CLICK HERE!

We got to camp on Wednesday morning and went right to our beautiful cabin (one student remarked that it was, "like a hotel!"). Students met their counselors and set off to do some team building. It was great to see everyone take on leadership roles and problem solve. The counselors remarked that they had never seen a group go up the 9 ft. wall as fast as our kids. After a delicious lunch we had recess (tennis, basketball, and tetherball were the hit activities). We then head to the alpine tower, a 55 ft. structure for climbing. Every student tried at least a portion of the climb and then did the big swing. We then headed back to the waterfront for canoeing, kayaking, and more games. Dinner was another delicious meal and then we got to hang around the campfire for games, trivia, and lots of laughter. S'mores capped off the evening before heading back to the cabin. Though exhausted, no one wanted to go to bed, so more games and social time was had until the chaperones called for lights out around 10:00. 

On Thursday we got up early to pack up or stuff and move out of our cabin. We headed to the dining hall for another wonderful meal and then it was off on a hike to the zip line. Everyone zipped and cheered each other on. We then went over to archery where we learned the proper way to use a bow and arrow. Many kids got bullseyes, which we were all thrilled about. We then headed back over to lunch (again, delicious) and one last recess. The kids all got to say their goodbyes to the counselors and have one last group cheer. We took a photo and got on the bus to head back to school. Throughout the trip, the counselors remarked a number of times about how great our students were and how impressed they were with them (the feeling was mutual as the kids loved the counselors). 

Everyone slept on the bus and continued to snooze in the foyer before getting picked up. And though we are tired at school today, it is a happy tired. We all wrote a big thank you note to the Camp Hazen staff for being so awesome. We can't wait to go back next year! 

Thanks Mrs. Garrity, Ms. Schaller, Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Silberies, and Miss K for all coming for portions of the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you Mr. Brewer for staying overnight with us on Wednesday night. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. LeConche for being there for the entire field trip!