2017 Summer Reading

The faculty sat down this year to talk about summer reading, its purpose, and our goals around it. We realized that we want students to learn to love reading, not look at it as a chore. While we know many of students do LOVE reading (and we LOVE that), others haven’t yet found the joy in sitting down and reading a good book. Because of that, we have decided to revamp our summer reading program at Mooreland. For part one of the summer reading requirement, we ask everyone (faculty and students alike) to read The Poet’s Dog by Patricia MacLachlan. When we get back to school, we will spend some time during the first week discussing the book in our individual classes as well as in multi-grade book groups.

Part two of summer reading will be free reads. We are asking all students to read the required summer reading book, and at least four other books. Students are not required to write book reports about each book, instead we are asking them to bring in the titles of the books they read with a short (3-4 sentence) review. At the beginning of the school year we are going to create an all school book list on one of our bulletin boards that we will add to throughout the year. Under each student’s name, the books they read over the summer (and those they read outside of school over the school year), along with their short review will be posted for everyone to see. That way we can all share in the joys of reading together - bonding over reading the same titles, asking friends more about a book they read, or deciding to read their next book together!

CLICK HERE and you will find a list of suggested books put together by the faculty. There are so many wonderful books out there, and we couldn’t put them all on our list, so please feel free to choose a book or multiple books on your own. All book descriptions come from Amazon. We can’t wait to see what we’ll add to this list once the school year begins!