At Mooreland Hill School, an Innovative New Approach to Tuition

Mooreland Hill School is introducing an innovative approach to tuition. By linking tuition rates with enrollment, Mooreland Hill has designed a way to reduce tuition by up to 40%. By doing so, they hope to make the benefits of a private education an option for more families.
Since joining Mooreland Hill in June, new Head of School Reed Rathgeber has been working to introduce new advancements to the school, while maintaining the core elements that make Mooreland special. One example is an emphasis on technology in the classroom to help students develop 21st century skills while they continue to learn through academic rigor in a supportive environment.
The new tuition model is another example, and one that Ms. Rathgeber is enthusiastic about. “We believe deeply in the importance of purposeful, joyful, and expansive learning strengthened by 21st century skills in a small class setting. We are excited about keeping our focus on students and costs within reach for families,” says Rathgeber.
To learn more, please contact Ms. Rathgeber or Director of Admissions Beth Williams at (860)223-6428 or complete the inquiry form by clicking here.