In teaching Math, we address problem solving, communication, logic, making connections, and understanding. This is a continuous learning process throughout all of the grades. Our vision is to achieve student success is all areas of mathematics. Our mission is to achieve a strong base that is needed for success in mathematics. Small classes create a comfortable atmosphere for true understanding and success.

Our math program is grounded in a strong set of foundational skills, which provide the necessary tools for students to engage in complex mathematical thinking and abstract reasoning. From the earliest grades, students are challenged to solve problems, apply concepts, and consider multiple strategies. Individual needs are recognized and accommodated through in-class enrichment, additional out-of-class support and instruction, and uniquely designed provisions. Mathematical experiences at Mooreland Hill help students gain self-confidence, independence, and competence in communicating their understanding.

Our Upper Grades program immerses students in the higher-order mathematical disciplines of algebra and geometry. An accelerated track allows us to offer an appropriately challenging program for our most advanced students, when appropriate.