Life at Mooreland Hill

You will form friendships by sharing meals, playing together, and working with each other in a variety of activities. You will have the chance to challenge yourself in the classroom and on the playing field. You will be encouraged to try new things. You will gain confidence in yourself and your peers. You will be a part of a close-knit community that celebrates each individual.


Sample Schedule for K-5
7:55am All School Morning Meeting
8:05am Morning Share
8:50am Math
9:35am Reading Groups
10:20am Break and Outside Time
10:50am Art
11:15am Science
12:00pm Lunch and Mindfulness
12:50pm Drama
1:20pm Modern Languages
2:05pm Outside Time
2:45pm Dismissal and AfterCare (from 2:45pm-5:00pm)

Sample Schedule for 6-9
7:55am All School Morning Meeting
8:05am English
8:50am Math
9:35am Latin
10:20am Break
10:30am History
11:15am Art
12:00pm Lunch and Chores
12:35pm Science
1:20pm Music
2:05pm French
2:45pm Athletics
4:00pm Dismissal