Life at Mooreland Hill


You will form friendships by sharing meals, playing together, and working with each other in a variety of activities. You will have the chance to challenge yourself in the classroom and on the playing field. You will be encouraged to try new things. You will gain confidence in yourself and your peers. You will be a part of a close-knit community that celebrates each individual.

Though small, the School has a rich and challenging academic program that prepares students well for high school. Offerings include: English, literature, history, math, science, foreign languages, art, chorus, theater, and human growth and development. Students may elect to be involved in many activities. Options range from the arts to publications to clubs and include: instrumental ensemble, yearbook, literary magazine, and drama, among others.

Three athletic seasons cover the spectrum of interscholastic sports offerings: soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball and tennis. Each individual sport fields varsity and junior varsity teams and both boys and girls teams where appropriate. Teams compete against other independent schools. Mooreland also offers non-competitive sports and physical fitness programs such as hiking, gardening, high ropes, spelunking, and fencing.